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Prices & Services


Individual dual-pass, high resolution scan, with 5 minutes skilled Photoshop® time to improve the photo (enhance colours, dynamic range, fix a few marks etc). Print not included in the price, see Printing Photos and Art below.

4x6" | $10

5x7", 6x8", A5 | $15

Slide, negative | $15

8x10", A4 | $20

Film, glass plates | $20

8x12" | $25

11x14", A3 | $35

A2 | $60

Scans of smaller photos to make enlarged prints may require further work to fix marks etc that become more obvious. eg. scanning a 6x4" print to make an A3 enlargment may cost $35 instead $10.

Design - Add Text, Create Collages etc.

We can add text, create designs such as collages.

Work done on this design includes removing people, moving people, editing backgrounds, colourising the water, collage design, adding text, printing on hotpress bright cotton art paper, framing in one of our pre-made Simple A2 size frames.

Every job is unique, please ask for a quote.

Printing Photos and Art

Photos on Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl 310gsm Photographic Paper

4x6" ......................... $5 (extra print $2.5)

5x7" ......................... $10 (extra print $5)

6x8" ......................... $15 (extra print $7.5)

8x10" and A4 ...... $25 (extra print $15)

8x12" ...................... $30 (extra print $20)

11x14" ................... $40 (extra print $30)

A3 and 12x16" ... $45 (extra print $35)

A2 ............................ $65 (extra print $45)

A1 ............................ $100 (extra print $80)

Photos and art on Digigraphie cotton papers and canvas

8x10" and A4 ...... $35 (extra print $25)

8x12" ...................... $40 (extra print $30)

11x14" ................... $60 (extra print $50)

A3 and 12x16" ... $65 (extra print $55)

A2 ............................ $90 (extra print $70)

A1 .......................... $135 (extra print $115)

Other media and sizes, ask for a quote.

Restoring and Editing Photos

Price includes the scan plus 15 minutes highly skilled Photoshop® time. Includes a 4x6" test print - for other sizes, see Printing Photos and Art. Further time is charged at a rate of $120 per hour.

4x6", 5x7", 6x8", A5 | from $50

8x10", 8x12", A4 | from $65

Slides, negatives, film, plates | from $80

11x14", A3 | from $100

A2 | from $120

Pre-Made Simple Frames

Range of Simple frames available off the shelf in my studio, covering all common photo and poster sizes.

Made with NZ pine, good quality glass. Available in white or black, some available in brown.

DIY or I can frame your photo or art for you, with custom mats if needed (see Framing Service).

Silver and other gift frames also available.

Wood moulding - 16mm deep x 20mm wide ("flat")

6x4" with hook and stand | $14

5x7" with hook and stand | $15

6x6" with hook and stand, 4x4" mat | $18

6x8" with hook and stand | $18

7x7" with hook and stand, 5x5" mat | $23

8x10" with hook and stand | $20

A4 with hook and stand | $22

8x12" with hook and stand | $25

10x10" with hook and stand, 8x8" mat | $30

Wood moulding - 30mm deep x 20mm wide ("boxy")

8x10" with hook | $30

11x14" with hook, 8x10" mat | $45

12x16" with hook, 8x12" mat | $50

12x18" with hook, no mat | $55

A3 with hook | $55

16x20" with hook, 11x14" mat | $60

16x24" with hook, no mat | $80

A2 with hook | $75

20x24" with hook, no mat | $95

20x30" with hook, no mat | $120

A1 with hook | $130

Example below - A2 frame with an A2 print on hotpress bright cotton paper, leaving white around the image as the border (no mat used).

Framing Service


Print and frame photos & art using gorgeous Italian Classic frames

Prices below incl a custom made print, a custom made frame (using the most popular mouldings), framing (using the traditional hinging method), taping & stringing.

These are starting prices. Any custom size (with limits) can be made, and some frame mouldings are more expensive.

Photo scanning, editing & restoration, and reflection control glass, are not included in the price.

Frame moulding 20mm x 20mm

A5 or similar size | $95

A4 or similar size | $125

Frame moulding 20mm x 30mm - flat or boxy

A3 or similar size | $225

A2 or similar size | $300

A1 or similar size | $400

Panorama 250x600mm or similar size | $250

Panorama 500x1200mm or similar size | $450

Frame Degrees

Prices incl stringing, from:

Degree, no mat | $125

Degree, with mat | $175


Print and frame photos & art using my quality NZ pine frames

Simple frames (see Pre-Made Simple Frames), white or black. Scanning, editing and restoration service available.

Prices incl a custom gallery-quality print, framing & stringing (for the 11x14" frames and larger).

Frame moulding 16mm deep x 20mm wide ("flat")

8x10" and A4 | $65

8x12" | $75

Frame moulding 30mm deep x 20mm wide ("boxy")

8x10" | $75

11x14" | $140

12x16", 12x18" and A3 | $155

16x20" | $195

16x24" and A2 | $215

20x24" | $240

20x30" | $280

A1 | $315

Samples of some of the classic Italian mouldings I use - please note that some mouldings aren't available at present. I can match pretty much any styles still available.


Wood Block 18mm

Customised gallery quality print mounted onto the block for you.

Painted white or black, comes with a kit to mount it portrait or landscape on a wall, or it can free stand on a level surface

6x4" | $35

5x7" | $45

6x8" | $50

8x10" | $70

8x12" | $80

11x14" | $100

Foam Blocks 18mm

Silver edge. Customised gallery quality print mounted onto the block for you. Mount with 3M Command picture hanging strips (not included).

Panorama 8x20mm | $110

12x18" | $150

16x24" | $225

20x30" | $275

Foam Board 5mm

Unfinished edge. Custom printed gallery quality print mounted onto the block for you. Mount using 3M Command picture hanging strips (not provided).

A4 | $65

A3 | $75

A2 | $95

A1 | $130

Prices include GST.

Milford Print Ltd reserves the right to change prices at any time. Every job is unique and I am happy to provide a quote once I have seen your photos and had a chat with you.